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Rugby MP backs FairCharge

Mark Pawsey, Conservative MP for Rugby, has backed the FairCharge campaign to ensure that drivers of electric vehicles pay a fair amount wherever they charge their cars.

Mark joined Quentin and the RAC at the new MOTO service station at Junction 1 of the M6, just on the edge of Rugby. The service station has 30 electric vehicle charging points and enables fast charging to take place at the crossroads of the UK’s motorway network. However, under the current regulations public electric vehicle charging points pay a rate of 20% VAT, as opposed to domestic charging points which are charged at just 5% VAT. The FairCharge campaign is calling on the Government to reform VAT to align costs for commercial charging points with domestic rates to encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles.

As well as the focus on this important campaign, the RAC showed Mark their new, fully electric, roadside assistance vehicle – the Renault Zoe Van E-Tech. This makes the RAC the first major breakdown operator to utilise a zero-emissions electric vehicle for breakdown assistance and highlights the way in which EVs are being used for an ever-increasing number of roles on Britain’s roads.

Mark has been a strong proponent of the switch to electric vehicles both due to the environmental benefits of zero-emission vehicles and the opportunities for the Midlands automotive sector as the industry transitions to producing only electric vehicles by 2030.

Speaking at the J1 services, Mark said:

“Encouraging and enabling the switch to electric vehicles is a key element of our transition to net-zero. One of the underlying challenges of this is establishing a network of charging points both at home and in our towns and retail centres. That is why I was delighted that last year, the MOTO services opened with many EV charging points for electric vehicle drivers to use, and we are also seeing EV charging points on the streets of Rugby. What I now want to see is the Government go further in encouraging people to make the switch to EVs by aligning the VAT rate for both domestic and commercial charging, both bringing fairness to the system and cutting the costs for hardworking families.”

Quentin Willson, FairCharge Founder, commented:

“The Midlands is becoming a key centre of the UK’s energy transition enabled by its world class automotive sector. The growth of battery production, R&D and EV manufacturing in the Midlands will boost local economic growth, provide high tech jobs and bring cleaner air. It’s great to have the support of Mark Pawsey MP here with the RAC’s all-electric patrol van as one example of the innovations this historic shift in technology will bring to the region.”

RAC EV spokesperson Simon Williams said:

“The RAC is synonymous with the West Midlands as our Walsall headquarters is where our best roadside assistance innovations have been created, all of which are now used on daily basis to help broken-down members across the UK. By adding the Renault Zoe Van E-Tech to our patrol fleet we became the first major breakdown provider to put a zero-tailpipe emission vehicle into service.

“We’re delighted Mark Pawsey MP has taken the time to see how we are using a small electric van to fix four-out-five breakdowns on the spot. The RAC is committed to embracing electric driving which is why we pioneered lightweight mobile technology to get out-of-charge EVs moving again, giving drivers the confidence to make the switch to electric. By supporting Quentin Willson’s FairCharge campaign we are determined to help make EVs accessible to all as quickly as possible.”


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