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Our Campaign

FairCharge is a new national campaign to make sure that we harness the tremendous environmental, economic and social benefits of the EV revolution.

Spearheaded by long-term transport campaigner, electric car ambassador and automotive journalist, Quentin Willson, FairCharge will push the critical issues of charging cost, infrastructure, charging times, battery range, and wider EV access to the forefront of the political agenda. 

The first focus will be on tackling the illogical VAT policy where EV owners without home-charging pay four times more for their electricity from public on-street networks. 

This isn't just unfair, it's a policy mistake that will hinder EV take-up. FairCharge must have a voice in future electrification policy decisions 

Why do we need to do this?

If we don't push electrification forward now the UK could lose out on trillions of pounds in economic activity, millions of jobs, the opportunity for huge social regeneration - and critically - the ability to retain our vital motor industry that will otherwise move overseas to other countries with both battery production and government support. The UK has one of the best battery ecosystems in the world but we need to make sure our world-class talent is properly funded and supported. This really is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

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Why Support?

By becoming a FairCharge supporter you will show the government, car companies, policymakers, and the media, that the UK has a powerful demand for electrification. You don't have to own an EV to be a supporter. FairCharge will campaign for a society powered by renewable energy with cleaner air and a reduction in fossil fuel use. 

We promise only to use your details to demonstrate the strength of feeling for electrification and never to pass them on to any third party. We will, occasionally, make email contact to ask you to help achieve our campaign objectives.

The more supporters we have, the more powerful the national voice for electrification will be.

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Our campaign

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