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Our Campaign

FairCharge is the national campaign to help harness the tremendous environmental, economic and social benefits of the electric revolution. Founded by long-term transport campaigner, electric car owner and automotive journalist, Quentin Willson, FairCharge is pushing the critical issues of charging costs, infrastructure, air quality and EV availability to the forefront of the political agenda. 

A key priority is to change the government policy where EV drivers without home charging pay four times the VAT rate for their electricity from public on-street networks. This isn't just unfair, it's a policy mistake that experts say is slowing EV adoption. This VAT rule was written in 1994, long before EVs were first on sale.


We also want to see measures in place for lower-income drivers to access electric vehicles and to see the price of electricity decoupled from gas - urgently. This will help lower the cost of charging an EV at home, reduce electricity bills for all, and help move us toward more renewable, independent energy. 

FairCharge and Fully Charged were first to identify media misinformation around EVs holding a special event in London at the QEII Centre in September 2023 to highlight myths.

In February 2024 The House of Lords confirmed our findings and said that misinformation was slowing the sales of EVs to private buyers. 

Why do we need to do this?

The USA and Europe are now pushing forward electrification policies very aggressively. We need to do the same, otherwise, the UK could lose out on trillions in global investment, millions of jobs, the chance for social regeneration - and critically - to retain our motor industry that might otherwise move to other countries where there's more support. The UK has one of the best battery ecosystems in the world but we need to make sure our world-class talent is properly funded and supported. This really is a once-in-a-generation opportunity

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