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Our objectives

To ensure the UK has the right EV-related policies for the environment, economy and drivers. 


To help the UK deliver a future-proofed high-speed public charging network for private and business EV use so as many UK drivers as possible have easy and convenient access to high-speed chargers.

Make charging costs fair


Charging providers must offer fair and transparent tariffs both for domestic and public charging. Already charging an EV on some public networks is as expensive as filling up with petrol or diesel, defeating the financial benefits of switching to an EV. We must keep prices down and watch them carefully.


Make EVs accessible

EVs are expensive and seen by many as the preserve of the affluent. Lower-income families also have a right to zero-emission driving. We want to promote and encourage low-cost funding options for both new and used EVs so they can be driven by the widest social groups possible.

Support private EV enterprise

Educate and inform 


To help educate and inform consumers and policymakers in all aspects of EV ownership, dispel myths and promote new incentives to hasten the adoption of EVs by both public and business. 

Empower younger drivers


The Government won't build a charging network on its own and must support private charging providers with expedited planning permissions and concessions on charging builds, equipment, cabling, groundworks and power supplies. Unless private-sector charging networks become financially viable, they won't get built.

Very few young people can drive electric cars because of high insurance. If we don't remove that insurance barrier a generation of drivers won't be able to access EVs. And that generation not only appreciates and admires EVs the most, but they're also the best ambassadors to spread the word. We need more young drivers in electric cars.

 Understanding health benefits

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We know EVs improve urban air quality, and there's much research on the effects of ultrafine particles from diesel and petrol engines increasing a range of conditions including cancer, respiratory, and heart disease. We need more research in this vital public health area.  

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