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Skidmore Review Supports FairCharge VAT Ask

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Former Energy Minister Chris Skidmore has published his Net Zero Review, outlining the economic opportunities offered by net zero. Titled 'Mission Zero', the Review makes 129 recommendations covering areas including what greater roles businesses can be supported to play, making better use of infrastructure, and delivering more energy efficient homes.

FairCharge was delighted to see our recommendations to #AxeThePavementTax included in the review. As one of the recommendations outlined in Pillar 5: Net Zero and the Individual, the Review shows support for our main campaign ask, equalising the VAT rate for public charging (20%) in line with that of at-home charging (5%), and advises that the Government should implement this policy in 2024.

As 38% of households in the UK do not have access to off street parking, the current VAT for EV public charging effectively means those in terraced housing, flats and apartment blocks face an effective Pavement Tax, which leaves them unable to access the more competitive tariffs available for those with home chargers. The number one incentive for drivers to ditch a polluting petrol or diesel car is the cheaper running cost of an EV, but the Pavement Tax risks removing it for those impacted.

We call on the Government #AxethePavementTax to ensure a fair and affordable transition to electric vehicles for all.


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