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EV Drivers Demand Lower VAT on Public Charging


(EV) drivers and industry experts are calling for a reduction in the "unnecessary and unfair" VAT rates applied to public EV chargers, labeling it an "injustice." This collective call, led by the campaign group FairCharge alongside influential organizations within the EV sector, is aimed at encouraging the Chancellor to implement VAT reductions in the upcoming Spring Budget to foster EV adoption. Highlighting the disparity, public EV chargers currently incur a 20% VAT rate, whereas home charging benefits from a lower 5% rate. This significant cost difference poses a barrier to switching to EVs, particularly affecting the nearly 40% of EV owners without access to private charging facilities. The group's open letter to Jeremy Hunt emphasizes the need for governmental action to promote EVs and suggests that adjusting VAT rates on public chargers could lead to substantial savings for EV drivers, contrasting the higher costs faced by those relying on rapid public charging.


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