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FairCharge Letter to Treasury

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Following the disappointing lack of measures in support of the UK's EV transition in the Spring Budget, FairCharge has co-ordinated, together with other EV industry leaders, a letter addressed to the Chancellor, in which we reinforced our calls for the Government to deliver a strong ZEV mandate and reduce the VAT rate for public charging.

It is imperative that the Government makes use of every opportunity to reiterate its support of the EV industry in the UK. This will boost confidence in the sector, unlock billions of pounds of investment and create thousands of jobs, ensuring the UK does not fall behind the EU and US in the race to net zero.

We are very thankful for the united voice of the industry in the aftermath of the Budget and to those that have signed our letter. We hope to see an increased support from the Government as we are fast approaching the 2030 deadlines.

Read the letter below:


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