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FairCharge welcomes extension of Plug-in Car Grant

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Today, the Government has announced a temporary extension of the plug-in vehicle grant. The grant, which allowed drivers to claim up to £1,500 off the cost of a plug-in car worth less than £32,000, has been extended until the 31st of March 2023. This 18-month extension is intended to compensate for the long lead times when purchasing a new vehicle as a result of supply chain delays.

Despite the extension, the Department of Transport has stated the grant will not be available to new customers.

FairCharge welcomes the extension of timelines for the grant to allow as many drivers as possible to access more affordable electric vehicles, and to reassure drivers concerned about their eligibility for the scheme. However, FairCharge is calling on the Government to reinstate the plug-in grant in full in response to recent findings by the RAC that the number of people wishing to switch to an EV is the highest it’s ever been. This would not only help widening access for low-income drivers to EVs, but also push manufacturers to make less expensive car models.


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