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Labour EV Roundtable

We were delighted to participate in Labour's frontbench roundtable discussion on the 18th of January, along with stakeholders from across the EV industry in Parliament. This roundtable was an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the EV transition.

It was great to hear Louise Haigh MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Transport), Kerry McCarthy (Shadow Minister for Climate Change) and Gill Furniss (Shadow Minister for Roads) discussing Labour's plans and commitments for the future of the EV industry.

FairCharge was delighted to hear the support for tackling the VAT discrepancy between street and at-home charging, and the increasing support this is receiving from different industry stakeholders. It is vital that VAT on public chargepoints is brought in line with the 5% rate on home charging to support the UK’s EV transition.

We have also heard about how the UK government must do more to ensure the EV transition leaves no one behind. From energy market reforms, creating an accessible charging infrastructure, and building investor confidence in the industry, these are all crucial steps to ensure the UK’s EV rollout is fair and accessible to all.


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