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Reaction to Government EV Infrastructure Strategy

FairCharge founder Quentin Willson commented on the Government’s EV Infrastructure Strategy:

“This strategy overdue but welcome, because there are real concerns that the rapid growth in EV purchases has been completely outstripping the growth in public chargers.

“Even the target for 300,000 chargers by 2030, which is the first recognition of the scale of the need by DfT, is a 12x increase in the amount of public chargers from present. But EV usage is due to increase by more than 30x in that period.”

“And the Government really needs to get on with delivery sooner rather than later or else we risk a situation in a few years’ time when millions of new EV drivers will be disappointed and disillusioned with the state of the charging infrastructure.”

“One way the Government could accelerate growth in the EV charging market – not mentioned in the Strategy – is to slash the ludicrous VAT differential between public (20%) and home charging (5%).”


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